Featured in The Box - Creative Tech That’s Easy as Pi

By iLabs | February 2, 2018

The Innovation Labs were recently featured in an article on the NYIT Box blog.

As president of NYIT’s Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Nicholas Cariello is happy to show fellow NYIT students what makes technology tick.

That’s the reason why, inspired by NYIT’s Innovation Labs, the computer since major held a workshop for his peers to demonstrate the adaptability and potential uses for the Raspberry Pi computer boards.

“The idea for a Raspberry Pi workshop came from surveying new and current student members of the ACM using an online Google form to gauge their areas of interest,” Cariello says. “We planned a two-part workshop. In the first session, we went over the basics of Linux and then some examples of what the ‘Pi’ could be used for. In the second part, we distributed Raspberry Pi Zeroes and assisted 25 students in setting them up and planning their own original projects.”

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a computer circuit board that is roughly one quarter the size of a dollar bill and runs on half a gig of RAM (512MB). It features multiple input/output ports, including a mini-HDMI socket, two micro USB connections for data transfer and power, and a microSD slot for storage. Costing as little as $5, they’re the perfect tool to introduce anyone to the vast applications of computing machinery.

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